Azahana Ibrahim (Physics teacher in Perlis, 27) Was Kicked by Two Female Students reported



Syed Hamid: Old UMNO Members Should Get Ready to Be Replaced by Younger Members

赛哈密:领袖趋年轻化 老巫统莫抱怨

二零零八年十月十五日 凌晨十二时五十三分 (





Fan Cheng Yan: Penang Gerakan Have All Chinese in the Committee

范清渊炮轰丁福南 “槟高层全是华裔”

二零零八年十月十五日 凌晨十二时五十五分

(吉隆坡14日讯)民政党副主席范清渊炮轰,民政槟州主席拿督丁福南“言行不一致”,在最新出炉的州联委会阵容中,没有贯彻多元种族的特色,特别是高层领导人“清一色”全是华裔领袖。 接党员投诉电话 他在新闻发布会上指出,槟州主席丁福南在今早宣布州联委会阵容后,他就收到很多党同志的投诉电话,其中以印裔同志占大多数。

Hoon Cheng: I am responsible to work side by side with you all so that the country will move towards democracy, the judicial system will be improved, and the people will rationally overcome racial issues.

Three weeks after I was being arrested under Internal Security Act, many are still concerned about me. Some asked me whether I have been scared and thus, going to give up journalism.

I would like to see a through investigation into my arrest and find out the crux of the problem, so that the same incident would not happen again. (By Tan Hoon Cheng/ Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE/ Sin Chew Daily)

Liaw Ah Kui (Sino Dusun) – Another Native Sabahan Was Denied a Citizenship

Mujie posing with a copy of Liaw’s Native Certificate.

New Sabah Times: 9th October, 2008

KOTA KINABALU: Another native Sabahan has come forward to highlight his plight of being denied a citizenship by the National Registration Department (NRD), despite having been born in Sabah before the formation of Malaysia.

Liaw Ah Kui who is a Sino Dusun from Kg. Tambulaung, Papar made his plight known to Sabah DAP Local Government & Housing Bureau Chief Edward Ewol Mujie yesterday.

Lim May Zhee – a 17-year-old blogger became a book author two years ago.


Lim started blogging at the age of 14 at a bright pink blog that documented her personal life and her journey in writing her book.

Despite her youth, her blog draws an average of 800 unique visitors a day. Lim loves making people laugh through her words and this was what led her to blogging.

After several attempts to find a publisher, Lim decided to self-publish her debut a year later.

At 15, Lim became one of the youngest authors in Malaysia and has even won The Star’s Reader’s Choice Award.

Last year 2007, Lim’s second book €” Sweetheart from Hell, which tells a story of a glamorous girl, Vicky Vanitee, who divorced her husband for a missing lipstick but finally learned the true meaning of love when she started dating Asian celebrity Daniel Chou €” was published and sold in major bookstores.

Ku Li: Opposition leaders asked to see me but none of the Government leaders are willing (to see me)

Malaysian The Star: Saturday October 11, 2008

Ku Li: I’m not teaming up with the Opposition

On his proposed unity-based Government and a single entity Barisan Nasional party, Tengku Razaleigh said they were the result of informal discussions with the (Pakatan Rakyat) leaders and “are just ideas which also need discussion with Umno”.