Red Legged Monk Found Passed Away On 7 Oct 2008


韩江中小学校友 负笈英国会计师
06年红遍马新 求医人龙长达数公里
看病”指点迷津 总说”回去就好”


2 responses to “Red Legged Monk Found Passed Away On 7 Oct 2008

  1. He did not accept money or anything in kinds from the public who consulted him re illnesses or ways to improve job situations. He treated everyone the same- rich, poor, powerful, or layman. His followers include all races, nationalities, young and old from over the world. he spoke fluent English, Mandarin and most dialects. He had left us but his teachings and selfless sacrifices will remain, forever, in our hearts!

  2. Oh wow. I was at Cameron Highlands with my parents in Dec 2007.
    Out hotel was at the very top. Other cheaper hotels and a pasar malam (I love the fried mushrooms) were near the bottom. Somewhere in the mid-point was the temple and some other farms (honey bee farm, tea plantation, strawberry farm, vegetable farms etc).

    We and our tour group made a stop at the Buddhist temple. The tour guide told us of his ‘special powers’ and eccentric behavior. She told us if you were not fated to see him, he would not appear.

    We saw this monk. He did not appear immediately, but only after a while. We had almost thought that he would not appear at all.
    Crowds gathered around him. I didn’t, partly because I was skeptical then.

    After 4 years, this very morning, the thought of him suddenly and randomly rushed into my mind. I went online, only to find out that he had died in Oct 2008. It’s sad that life is so fleeting. I had wanted to visit him again and talk to him personally. I don’t want to ask for fortune telling advice, or help with personal problems. I just wanted to talk to him.

    How sad that he is gone now.

    P.S: The Chinese temple has very nice paintings, murals and statues. If you take off your shoes and enter the inner hall, the marble floor feels icy cold to your feet.

    P.P.S: How did I remember the date from 4 years ago, so vividly? Badawi was the Malaysian PM then, and on the coffee table in our Cameron Highlands hotel room there was a ‘Welcome to Malaysia’ pamphlet with Badawi’s face on it. Later when we left Cameron Highlands and went to Genting, while in the hotel room we saw on the news that Benazir Bhutto was assassinated.

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